Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Welcome to my Blog :)

Hi there!!! My friends call me "Alma." It's my middle name and I totally hate it! This is my cat Mr. Wali. We're best friends forever! BFF yeah!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

School Sucks! GRRRR!

Ughh...I just found out I have to do an 10 minute oral presentation for my history class! I have one week to prepare. I'm so nervous!!

I totally wanted to go to the movies tonight and there is a big party this week! My crush Max will be there, I'm so bummed. But if I have to work on this stupid project because if I don't get an A in history, my parents won't buy me a new cell phone for my birthday. So unfair!

My 7th Grade Project

So I'm working on this project for my class presentation about mythical figures worshipped during ancient times. I chose Ishtar. Isn't she beautiful? Here are some pictures of the great goddess...

Siduri, the Beer Goddess!! LOL LOL LOL!!

Give a Cheer for the Goddess of Beer! The Babylonian goddess of barley-beer with brewing pot was known as Ishtar-Siduri, and her secret craft provided beverages for special rituals. The ancient recipe has been lost, but scholars suggest that certain mushroom and poppy extracts may have given it a special kick.

I like this Siduri chick LOL!!!

OMG! The Whore of Babylon... ???

I started doing research for my project and I found a story called the "WHORE OF BABYLON". I didn't even know what that word meant until my brother told me. It means that women like to take of their clothes and run around naked for everyone to see!! OMG! Just look at these pictures. It's so true!!! Gross! Yuck!
More later... I have to eat dinner. Macaroni and cheese mmmm! TTYL!